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Experts & Pros

Genesis Construction is equipped with the best experts in each aspect of remodeling and home services. We will provide you with the highest level of care and professionalism while delivering superior quality of results in your home.

Planning Your Next Project

We see each client individualy and put our best efforts in planning the perfect project. Explaining each step of the process is part of our personal approach, giving the client comfort and ease, knowing that their home is in good hands.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Genesis Construction is licensed, bonded and insured in compliance with the Nevada Contractos Board Regulations and Requirements. Hiring us is a safe, fool-proof decision which will result in a picture perfect home.

Recharging Sitting Areas

For entertaining or just casual use, it's important to have a comfortable place where you can kick your shoes off and relax.

Beautiful Bathrooms

Combining professional plumbing and pipework with relaxing designs will make you never want to leave your bathroom oasis.

Flawless Flooring

Matching your design preference to your personal lifestyle, we make sure you'll feel safe on the ground we lay down for you.

Interior Painting

Offering custom color palettes and many pattern techniques to make your home unique and match your style.

Open Space Concept

Creating a natural flow will complete your home with each space complementing the other, giving you a more relaxed feel.

Bedroom Design

A recharging sleeping space is essential for a happy, functional home. We mix and match the designs to fit your taste and needs.

Interior Design

Perfecting each corner in your house and creating a picture perfect home while maintaining a comfortable functioning area.

Window Installation

Ensuring proper installation of any kind of glass, preventing weather damages and leakage in each part of your house.


Projects Completed


Really Happy Clients


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In House Professionals

I like the work they did on my property, they are very professional in what they do. removing an unwanted window and turning the space into a wall, adding a window in a preferred location to increase the amount of light coming in, adding interior window trim, and applying new siding on the outside of the house.

Mark Alviro

Home Owner

Remodeling and Refinishing completely transformed our third floor from an unfinished attic to an incredible playroom/guestroom. When we bought our house eight years ago, we always knew that the third floor would be a project that would improve our house and provide more living space, but the finished product is even bigger and nicer than I had imagined. Now it’s the only place where our three little boys ever want to play!

Robert J. Mayer

Home Owner

Genesis Construction was amazing to work with. We walked through all the repairs I needed from door replacement, painting, door lock replacement, and repairing water damaged wood patio. Evan came in and did a fantastic job! He was meticulous, clean, and thorough

Monica Bredford

Business Owner